Monday, June 7, 2021


Last post was about me messing around with my megadungeon. In an attempt to actually finish something rather than be constantly tweaking a huge project for ever, I started work on a smaller dungeon, aiming to finish it preferably by the end of the month (by the end of the week would be nice).

I needed a base. I needed Donjon.

This was my base. I then made a node map or a flowchart mapping out the basic room layout and straightened out corridors.

The day I was working on this, I got to a point where I was thinking "what's the point of this, why am I worrying about boxes and lines and loops.... so many loops." I'd also done ready on various sites about mapping and nodal dungeons and mapping megadungeons. Definitely had a bit of creative overload. So I printed off these nodes and began drawing, away from the computer. 

The reason I drew it out this way was to make sure the dungeon was jacquayed enough. I was realising a lot of my maps were mostly branches, and even when paying attention I kept falling into boring layouts. I think it was because I was too worried about room sizes, getting everything nice on a grid, etc. So I went freeform, added and removed nodes to get something of interest to explorers.

My moments of madness passed, and I had an initial sketch of the dungeon.

It's a mess, but it's a sketch. I currently have a printed version on my desk and many edits have already been made; too many rooms, many rooms need to be shrunk, but the basic shape is there. Like sculpting, a lot needs moving around still. My plan is to have this place as a sort of introduction to the Caverns of Thracia, or at least another place to visit in a route map surrounding the Caverns.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Megadungeon: flow(chart)ing from room to room

 I feel that with projects, especially large ones, there is an ebb and flow much like waves. Things move along, slow down with blocks and problems, and speed up with break throughs and new ideas. I've been working on a megadungeon for a while now, in various iterations and having put it aside several times too, and the ebbs and flows have been keenly felt.

Recently I've been playing around with a new, drastic idea. The last time I did this, my 3+ levels were all smashed together into a single level, massively changing the dungeon's layout. Now, I've been thinking about the map itself and how I present it.

Up until now I've been working on my maps the classic way; ten foot grid, everything laid out in near exact measurements, all that jazz. However after reading through Gradient Descent, a megadungeon for the horror sci-fi game Mothership, I had a thought; did I need to do it this way?

Gradient Descent uses a flowchart type layout to represent their maps. Rather than worry about scale, rooms are either "human scale" or "industrial scale", drawn as rectangles of various sizes linked by lines for corridors. It's not the first time I'd heard or tried something similar myself, but it renewed the thought in me.

I've also been writing some route maps for designing large city and wilderness locales, which I've enjoyed and also inspired this effort.

To make progress and not get bogged down in the size of the place, I cut off part of my megadungeon to begin working on the key. This is that part. I also reckoned that, once complete, I could run groups through this part of the dungeon while I work on the rest.

This is the part I attempted to "flowchart-ify"; Corridors reduced to lines, some rooms linked together into larger rooms. My main concerns while doing this were;

  • Does this map the map and key easier to understand?
  • Does this make the dungeon easier to run?

Draft one. Boxes are rooms, double line boxes are large rooms, circles are doors. Rooms take about 10 minutes to explore (1 dungeon turn), large rooms 30 minutes.

It's a hot mess, but it's not a blank page and can thus be edited. Areas with lots of smaller rooms, crypts in the original, were joined into "large rooms", the idea being that in the key I would note "x crypts along walls" and include a random table for generating the contents.

I'm not sure if this will stick, or if it would actually to use at the table, but I'm intrigued and keeps up the momentum.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Cyberpunk route map

 I'm really enjoying minimalism in my RPG prep and creation currently. I'm finding that a few sentences or bullet points, when condensed down to the necessary and evocative, are much more useful than long paragraphs of exposition. While jotting down ideas for quick and dirty sandboxes, I hit upon the idea of a cyberpunk route map to maybe use with Electric Bastionland at some point. Some late night feverish writing, and an hour or so of filling out additional locations, here it is.

All it needs are some random tables somewhat inspired by this post, but that'll be at a later point.

  • Quick and free, loops around most of the borough centre.
  • Rises above the roads and lower buildings, offering great views when it isn’t raining.
  • The transport police do spot checks, and they are ruthless. CHA save or they stop your train and search for criminals or contraband.

  •  Leads to many places, but everyone and their dog uses it. Pretty much solid traffic at any time of the day.
  • Its slow, real slow. Get ready to sit in your car and crawl through traffic for a few hours to get anywhere. There are footways below the highway, though they’re either crammed with people or unsafe.
  • Drive by shootings and firefights happen often, slowing down traffic even more as well as causing massive damage.
The Bar

  • Location of the Six Shooter, the only place of interest or importance in the area. A large bar and nightclub, all the local gangers and fixers go there.
  • Toby is the head of the Six Shooter, an influential fixer in their own right and hard as iron. They keep a sleugh of mercs to keep the place somewhat safe, and always have work for those willing to get their hands dirty.
  • Because of the popularity of the place to gangers and the like, there are frequent night markets set up in the nearby area. To get in, you need to know the time, the place, and the password.  Fixers often know the details, but don’t give them to any old goon.
Black Pipes
  • Territory of the Blood Wheels, the area is dotted with vehicle chop shops. Word is that the best Blood Wheel techies can turn a beat-up family car into a war worthy steed in no time. They don’t work for outsiders though, not unless their boss owes them a favour.
  • The Blood Wheels are fiercely territorial, and don’t appreciate others staying on their turf for long. Visitors are often trailed by Blood Wheel vehicles, with the occasional revving or flash of a weapon to encourage people to move along.
  • From here the Blood Wheels launch raids and hits onto the Highway and beyond. If there’s a shooting on the Highway, the Blood Wheels are probably involved to some degree.
Borough Centre
  • Corpo part of town. Corporate skyscrapers block out the sky, and military grade walls protect gated communities for the rich and indentured.
  • There are shops for anything and everything, but they don’t serve any street rat that stumbles in. To get anything done in the Centre, you need to look the part.
  • None of the major corporations have offices here, but several smaller and more local ones have their headquarters here. The transport police also have their main station here.
IR Street
  • Every surface of IR Street is dripping with neon. Many locals wear sunglasses even at night to give some relief from the constant glare.
  • IR Street is the little sibling to the Centre, the one who fell onto drug and violence perhaps. The shops offer may things, some less than legal, but prices fluctuate massively and mostly always cost more than normal. Pawn shops buy pretty much anything, making the Street a bazaar for all sorts of stuff mercs find on jobs.
  • The Lampies control IR Street, owning many of the higher end clubs, brothels, and shops. Their armed guards are a common sight. Jennies’ Warriors are the other big gang, who run a night club known to be a refuge for victims of abuse and unfair circumstances. The only thing bigger than Jennies’ heart is the gun she constantly keeps on her.
Merc’s End
  • An abandoned mall  now used for all sorts of things. Homeless folk like in parts, while gangs run covert operations in back rooms and corporations do underhand dealings away from the eyes of the Centre.
  •  The place earned its name as it is a battleground, and many a merc and ganger has lost their life in the shattered halls. Trauma Team only goes there to pick up its highest paying customers, and even then, they always send heavily armed back-up.
  • Though it is extremely dangerous, the End is an ideal place to hide out and lay low. Many leave stashes or secretive net hacking hardware squirreled away in some back room, and most are not found.  The illusive “Beggar King” is said to help those who wish to disappear, though many believe he’s only an urban legend.
The Pillars
  • Deserted construction sites left to rot and fall apart. The area got its name from the numerous pillars and iron beams left behind on the construction sites.
  • Being a relatively flat and open area, there are numerous dragster races held here. Other races dart between the pillars, occasionally leaving several of the racers smashed apart or flipped over.
  • The place is often used by smugglers and dealers to exchange goods, especially those coming into or leaving the city.
Green View
  • Vast parks and green spaces give some relief from the city. In the deepest parts of the park the drone of the city almost disappears.
  • To make the parks seem more real, artificial birds and insects fly around and help maintain the parks. Artificial rabbits and foxes used to live here, but they were too aggressive with tunnel digging and caused several footpaths to collapse, resulting in their deactivation.
  • Several areas are off-limits. Officially they are the secluded spots for those who can afford the quiet, but rumours are abound of experimental plant and animal life being tested in those areas.
  • Several large roads come to meet here, funnelling down into a single main route into the borough centre. A tangle of roads and crossings fills the skyline.
  • Huge rubbish processing plants are in this area of the borough, manned by legions of drones and machines. On rainy days the smog clings to the air, making it dark even in the middle of the day.
  • Peddlers of all sorts ply the crawling highway, trying to sell knick-knacks to bored drivers.
Halls of Steel
  • Vast factories churning out equipment for the corporations and transport police. The area is entirely ran by a local corporation who keep the area heavily guarded.
  • At night, corporate marked trains send loads of equipment into the borough centre. Normally traffic is halted to allow the fortress wagons to pass.
  • There is a vast underground network of tunnels under the Halls. There before the construction of the factories, many use these rat ways to get into and out of the factories under the corporation’s nose. There are rumours of an underground bazaar in the deepest tunnels where stolen goods are fenced and taken to the surface.
Great Minds
  • An area were many corporations had research facilities. Originally surrounded by well kept gardens and promenades, its glory days are fading as the open spaces are covered with taller brutish buildings.
  • A secret war goes on between the research facilities, with everyone attempting to hack into and steal the secrets of each other. Anyone caught gets barely a slap on the wrist and a firm telling off, everyone knowing it won’t stop anything.
  • Of late, a facility owned by a corporation working on bioengineering went into lockdown. While many of the staff have been evacuated, they are forbidden from saying anything to the public or media, and the facility remains on lockdown. Several have already made their way in, but no one returns, only increasing the legends of the place.
The Burning Streets
  • Bright red and yellow graffiti shows visitors the locations of shops and meeting points of the Burning Hand, a group united in their love for creativity and freedom of expression. Many artists and activists are part of this group as well as corporate runaways.
  • Nothing is standard issue in the Burning Streets. Everything is home made or modified to some degree. It is the best place to find a custom weapon or piece of gear, as long as you don’t mind having to come here everything you need it repaired or ammunition.
  • The Burning Hand tolerates other gangs and welcomes all to come with holstered weapons and open hands. As such it is used as a neutral meeting ground for many groups, who know better than to mess with the Burning Hand’s custom weapons and cybernetics.
Entombed Paradise
  • Not its original name, this area is full of gated communities and hab-blocks built in an effort by the borough to build better living quarters for the population. After one of the structures collapsed in a tragic accident and months of failures and neglect, the project was abandoned and the buildings sold off. Now many still live there, but conditions are no better than some of the combat zones.
  • Despite the lack of the supervising eye of the borough council, work still crawls on. Gangs and banded community members continue working to make better of their situation, even starting up rooftop farms. An artisan industry supplying everyday items to the locals flourishes in the shadowed streets. Several powerful families and clans hold sway over the area, and outsiders must deal with them directly if they want to get anything done or answer to them should they break their rules.
  • The locals here have a fierce independence and distain for corporations. All offers of help from the corporations is refused, and those who attempt heavy handed operations in the area are often ousted with threats or relentless harassment and gunfire.
Caged Witches
  • Hidden in the back alleys of a typical part of town is the territory of the Caged Witches. Esoteric drug runners, they make a wide variety of narcotics, underground medicinal products, and outlandish cybernetics they claim gives neigh-supernatural powers.
  • While most are doubtful of their supernatural powers, the Caged Witches are fierce opponents. Their custom cybernetics allow them to see, react, and move quicker than most, turning them into lightning face killers. They also love camo-weave cloaks and clothing, allowing them to “disappear” at will.
  • The gang is currently in the middle of a schism, with two different leaders each wanting to take the gang in a different direction. The matriarch Oksana pushes for expansion and domination to heal the gang’s perceived slow decline and rot of late, while Lizeta, a ripperdoc and cybernetics tinkerer, encourages balance and consolidation on what they have rather than what they could have.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Editing the (stone)hell out of Arden Vul

As my Caverns of Thracia trundled on and the players explored more and more of the dungeon, I could see a crossroads off in the distance; expand the Caverns, add or make a new dungeon, or do something else.
I had already tried expanding the Caverns, but it was a half hearted attempt. I also thought of starting something completely new, but in the end decided to add a new dungeon to the current game, to not annihilate the progress the long timers have already made.

The next question was what. Stonehell was a strong candidate, but I felt for d&d 5e it wasn't enough. While I'm planning on using a new host of house rules to make things less of a cake walk, Stonehell just wasn't enough I felt. I could expand it though.
The dungeon I eventually decided upon is Arden Vul. Arden Vul is ginormous. 10 levels, that many and more sublevels, some of these levels have over a hundred rooms. It's intruiged me for a while and, given the success of several plotting factions in the Caverns of Thracia, Arden Vul with a host of competing groups is right up my alley (down my dungeon corridor?).

The issue is, Arden Vul is ginormous. And unfortunately, I would argue the key isn't all that great. Full of details and nuggets of history and details on who this skeleton was 200 years ago.
But I don't need that when the party enters, looking for gold, and I only discover after half a page of details that goblins were lying in ambush and should have attacked by now.

I can see the good in there, it's just under a lot of... stuff. I feel like it needs a severe pruning before I could use it at the table.
Before I get into my process, I noted down some oddities I found. Maybe I was missing something after trawling through the key for hours on end, but I'll leave them as I wrote them as an archaeological nugget.
  • Carving has piercing eyes & empty eye sockets. Understand the idea, but seems a bit off.
  • Way too much info on history of some places. Can see a lot of work went into it, but neigh impossible to use at the table (imo).
  • Splitting it up into areas, each with own monsters, magic items, and random encounter tables, rather than front loading a lot.
  • A ghost appears in a key, then it mentions "if not found in the room before, they are found here". Would be nice if he appeared in the room before, even a "x chance the ghost from the next room appears here". 
  • Maybe nit-picking, but why 3-18 instead of 3d6?
To be able to run it, I needed something smaller. Enter once again Stonehell.

I think most people have an idea what Stonehell is and how the key is laid out; map and random tables on one page, key on the other page. There's also a double spread before with larger room entries, magic items and new monsters found there. It's great, I love it, and I needed something similar for Arden Vul.

A sample of the 1st level key. Using excel, there's not really an exact template to it for the time being. In general, monsters/NPCs are noted first, dressing next, and and puzzles/treasure after that.

At the time of writing, I have keyed up levels 1, half of level 3, and starting on level 2. The plan isn't to key the whole thing right off the bat. Any place that a party can enter from the surface, I want that area keyed. As the games continue, I can add to the key over time. Saying that, Arden Vul has so many connections and ways to access levels. While great for gameplay, it's a lot of work up front.

I somewhat feel that, when this is all done, it would be a shame to keep this key hidden. But at the same time, I have no idea about the legalities of sharing a fan key to a dungeon. I'm in no danger of finishing any sort of key for a while though, so that can can be kicked down the road.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Catacombs of the Scaled Ones

I had originally made this dungeon map as an alternative entry into my Caverns of Thracia for my open table game. This was to be the 1st level of a 3 level segment, with various sub areas and such. However, I probably will be using another map for the alternative entrance. If I don't use it for the open table, I've been considering running a B/X or similar series of sessions for my mostly d&d 5e players, though that won't be immediate.
Either way, the map has been sitting on my desk unused for a while, so I though I'd share it here in case anyone might find it useful.
The maps where made on Dungeon Painter Studio, with free assets from 2 minute tabletop. I also shared an image with a white floor

My initial thoughts were that this place is an ancient lizardfolk catacombs. In the northern end Yuan-ti were "mining" the tunnels for bones to create undead minions and guards. In the south was the crypt of a group of lizardfolk paladins, who even in death defend their ancestral burial site. And in the centre, a raider band of goblins and some hobgoblin/orc mercenaries had made their base.

In keeping with Caverns of Thracia, I attempted to have multiple entrances and ways down; a main staircase in the centre of the map is an evident entry to the catacombs, with a yuan-ti carved entrance in the north. To the north west is an aerie, the nest of a lrge bird (hard to see on the map as it looks just like any other cave wall), and there was a plan to have a disused well/air shaft lead into another part of the dungeon.
Stairs down are in the northern large hall, and the dark areas are chasms and fissures which all drop down.
Also the room to the east of the lake was meant to be a secret are, the resting place or prison of a devil. Inspired by this Dyson's map, at the bottom of this long shaft is a White Ziggurat, the prison of the Moronic Devil, held here by a chorus of other devils who siphon the power of the Moronic Devil.


Sunday, October 4, 2020

Delve 12 - Caverns of Thracia

In which the party checking in on Aatyh and their gnollic allies, the party negotiated a truce, and fought of a large squid creature and found a bunch of treasure.


  • Fang the cleric
  • Nieven the warlock (accompanied by a cultist ally)
  • Athoz the fighter
  • Nox the fighter
  • The party enters the main entrance on the 1st level. This level was been pretty much cleared at this point, other than wandering undead and beasts. Mostly parties check that the "death door" (a stone slab leading to a corridor of magical darkness and sinister noises) and continue down to the second level.
  • During their routine check, the warlock zones out and has a vision, seemingly someone's memory. It is the end of a conversation, where one person is communicating with Thanatos (the one who the cultists in another part of the cavern worship). The pair seem to be agreeing to something, mentioning how their ambitions are aligned and such. Thanatos refers to the other speaker (who's memory Nieven now has) as Paslaqatal. The memory vision ends, and he tells the party of what he saw, though no one can tell if there is a meaning or reason behind it.
  • The party enters a large chamber to the west of the 1st level. It is long, split in two by a chasm. The southern side is a cemetery for the Dark One/Thanatos cultists, while the northern end has a shaft where a platform would bring a demon statue up to laugh and put on a pyrotechnics display, though this has now long been destroyed. In the room the party encountered a group of gnolls, who did not respond to the codewords given to allied gnolls, and the gnolls offered a gem to allow them to climb a rope down the cavern and leave. The party let them go.
  • Heading down, the party discovers that Aatyhs' gnolls have set up camp in the western end of the large northern cavern. The telepoter (and the sight of last delve's battle) is in the east, and Aatsyh does not have the troops to repel an invasion from below. The party offers to speak to the lizardfolk of G'ruk, who occupy the southern cavern on this level, and see if they are willing to accept a truce. Aatsyh seems doubtful, but lets the party try.
  • The party head to the southern cavern. There they are led to meet with G'ruk, the shaman king of the lizardfolk. He reveals that they now obey Paslaqatal, the Immortal King, and also that they would accept a truce if the party helped them solve a puzzle.
  • A stream runs through the southern cavern, and a tale says that a door can be opened with "the blood of the Thracians". The party accept to give it a look, and are let by a couple of lizardfolk up the river. They avoid a giant spider and are shown the door.
  • The door is built to resemble the cave wall, and it is not magical. Athoz breaks it down, revealing a small room painted with fanged mouths and three bronze boxes resting on the floor. The party enters. A passageway leads out of the room to a pool, visible, open and unguarded. The party begin they are being led into a trap.
  • Tentacles slither down to open corridor. It is a trap. The Guardian Beast, basically a giant squid (or like the Watcher in the water from the lord of the rings) attacks the party, intending to drag one or two down into the water for a snack.
    The fight is tough; Athoz uses a power to grow to ogre size, meaning he cannot be pulled down the corridor, and proceeds to try and keep the squid in place while the party hack off the tentacles and shoot it will missiles. The warlock nearly dies, Nox is nearly dragged away to a watery doom, but eventually the creature is almost slain, causing it to retreat.
  • At this point G'ruk conveniently shows up. (Sidenote: I was considering the possibility for G'ruk to be a liar and turn on the party, but given the allotted session time was up, and the open table format, I decided G'ruk would keep his word. Instead, driving off the beast was a test to prove that they could be trusted, and weren't just any old treasure hunters.) The party got to cracking open the bronze chests, being bitten a few times by ghostly fanged mouths, but eventually managed to crack open the locks.
    While the party had agreed to split the loot with G'ruk 50/50, G'ruk instead asked for the magical shield and a fancy jade axe, and left the rest to the party; a potion, magical dagger and sword, a bag of 1000 gold, and some bits of jewellery.
  • The party bagged up their loot, sealed a (temporary) non aggression pact between G'ruk and Aatsyh, and left the dungeon.
At this point, the players have pretty much pacified the 1st and a good portion of the 2nd level. Though it is a tenuous hold. Aatysh, while friendly, only has a few gnoll allies (less than 20), and she is expecting a cohort of the Minotaur King any time now. And while G'ruk agreed to not fight Aatsyh, he has a much larger force, and is slowly moving into areas cleared out by the players in previous delves. 

I've also been toying with ideas for a new entrance into the caverns. A couple of levels, offering another way into the caverns, as well as a different biome/area to mix things up. Thinking something to do with poison brewing goblins and kobold traders, maybe a buried stasis prison of ancient plant monsters buried by people who came become the Thracians.

Also, the "magical sword and dagger" are vague as they actually haven't been developed yet. I'm endeavouring not to give out just +X weapons and armour, and I apparently did not update the key here. So that needs to be done.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Filling in hexes (and 3 hexes from my key)

When I mentioned to some French friends of mine that I was thinking of relaunching our game into more sandbox play (it had been on hiatus over the summer, and had gone in a very strange direction because of some bad decisions on my behalf), they groaned; previous sandbox style games they'd felt like they'd floundered, with no real direction. And I confess, t'was a lot on how I ran them.

Before I'd not really read or listened to much about hexcrawls and such, instead just having a vague idea in mind and went for it. However a read through the Alexandrian's hexcrawl series, and reading the Hot Springs Isle adventure, gave be a much better idea on what to do to back my game better. Not perfect by any means (we've had two games since the kick off, still getting used to new ways of note taking) but I'm a lot happier with the density of stuff.

Before I'd have vast swathes of land with... nothing. I'd spend a lot of time drawing a large map, but then didn't actually put anything in it. So, taking a leaf from Hot Springs Isle, I hacked down the map to a smaller size, and filled each hex with at least 3 things. Eventually some of the things got merged into one, but there's a point of interest, landmark, or something to mess with in each hex now. Because I didn't want to redraw maps, I used 6 mile hexes.

Using a lot of random elements (the Perilous Wilds has been super useful), I ended up with some places I'm pretty happy with. I also probably would never have imagined this stuff up unprompted, another thing I'm really appreciating this moment with random content generation. So I thought I'd share some here. Feel free to take any bits, or whole hexes even.


0308 - HUMMING UNDERWATER CRYSTAL: Under the water is a tiny crystalline object, a wand or rod. Half buried and now it has surrounded itself with a glass like rock, it serves as a repository of transmutation magic, so far untapped.

  • Transmutation repository: 60 feet down in the water. Wand of a mage, cast into the sea. Formed a sort of glass like rock that stops it moving. Absorbs magical energy, and can be tapped into with the right knowledge. Lawful, transmutation.
This hex is just off the coast, underwater. I decided even if the players never find it, the nearby coastal areas should also have things of interest. A few rumours could set them off on an aquatic adventure.


0505 - DRAGON’S HILL: Located in the north eastern part of the hex. The village is called such as it is believed that ages past a dragon died and a hill formed over them. The dragon spirit is said to tend to the lands, helping the plants grow.

  • Village: Abundant resources (grow a type of hill weed used for textiles). Problem: Recently attacked (less population, good stolen).

  • Ghouls cave: 6 ghouls have a lair in a cave. South eastern end, leave at night to eat the dead warriors in 0606.

    • Treasure: 2005cp (gnawed up bits of weapons, armour, jewellery), Ring of Love [the ring of love, moderate power. While wearing the ring, can place hands on someone’s head and kiss their forehead. For the next 6 days, whenever I do something to help the other, the receiver gains inspiration. If one of the pair is incapacitated, save vs heartbreak and anguish. If die, save vs death/incapacitation? If they have a disagreement, both gain un-inspiration, basically a disadvantage the DM can apply once, reversed inspiration).

  • Gnomish ghost gate: In centre of hex. Concealed by hills and shrubs is a stone gateway. Made of large rocks. The opening is about 2 ½ meters tall and 2 meters wide. The locals claim that the gate was made by gnomes, and believe that passing through the gate causes evil spirits/ghosts who are possessing or afflicting the individual to break their bond and flee. Claim that the dragon under the hill eats them , or scares them away.

The ghouls in this cave were drawn here due to the presence of a nearby battlefield, which is were all the scrap copper and ring comes from. The Ring of Love was randomly generated, and it's in game effects are still WIP. I've been keeping away from just +X swords and gear; we're playing d&d 5e, so bounded accuracy is a thing, plus I just find them rather uninspiring. With this ring, I'm tending towards the idea that when the pair of bounded characters are together, they're amazing ("The power of love!"), but heartbroken apart/if they fall out. Many folds to iron out beforehand mind.


0910 - PURPLE OYSTER BEACH: A stretch of coast where gatherers claim to find magical oysters.

  • Enchantment oysters: The shells of these oysters have swirling colours, and when ground up can be used to produce enchantment based effects.

  • Clear marks (halflings): Halfings have beached here on occasion. The tracks are recent.
  • Ghost: The ghost of a fisherman wanders the coast, looking for his boat. He can also be seen wandering across the water.
Recently, I wondered that my fantasy games I've ran have been rather grounded; fantasy elements exist, but more on the lower end. Especially concerning flora and fauna.I decided to shake that up a bit, so oysters whose shells can be used in enchantment magics. Maybe the oysters charm you when you eat them too perhaps.